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Aimee Cohen is the "Career Dream-Maker!"

It’s more than professional development…
it’s professional empowerment!

Keynote Speaker

Aimee delivers dynamic and high-impact keynote presentations to audiences across the country. Her approach is practical, entertaining, and action-oriented as she tackles the hottest topics in today’s workplace.

Career Coach

Aimee has coached hundreds of clients for more than 20 years and with a nearly 100% success rate. She empowers professional men and women to take control and manage their careers like a boss!


WOMAN UP! is a career game-changer for professional women today! Aimee shares the tips, tools, secrets, and strategies to overcome the sins that sabotage your success.

Aimee Cohen, National Keynote Speaker, Elite Career Coach & Bestselling Author
It’s more than professional development… it’s professional empowerment!

With all of the training and education you receive to do your job, you have never had anyone teach you how to proactively create a life-long, fulfilling, and successful career…until now! Time to pull on your “big-girl panties” and take control of your career like a boss!

After more than 20 years and a nearly 100% success rate as an elite career coach, Aimee shares all of her secrets, strategies, tips, tools, processes, and practical action steps to catapult your career and skyrocket your success. From personal branding and navigating office politics to overcoming self-sabotaging behavior and elevating your executive presence, Aimee arms you with the information you need to not only get ahead but stay ahead in your career. Whether it’s your first position or a C-suite position, achieving professional success is about having an action plan and an edge. Today’s workplace is more complex and competitive than ever, and that’s why Aimee Cohen will empower you to Woman UP!

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