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Holiday Job Hunting is a Gift – Part 2

After last week’s “Part 1”, I heard from so many of you who are in the same position and thinking the same thing. “I’m just going to put everything on hold and re-start my job search after the New Year.”…

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3 Ways to Re-Engage at Work After Thanksgiving

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving…a sacred time to gather together with family and friends and give thanks. It’s also a time to battle for the last can of cranberry sauce at the grocery store, consume thousands of calories, brave the midnight…

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The 5 “F’s” of the Midterm Election

It’s been a week since our historic midterm election (and it’s still not over), but this is not about politics. This is about all the positive things we have learned as a result of recent events. We can all agree…

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Manage Your Career Like a Tennis Champion

I’m a huge tennis fan, and an even bigger Rafa Nadal fan. While everyone else was enjoying a quiet Sunday morning, I was riveted to the tennis channel watching Nadal win another tournament. However, I’m not a Rafa super-fan because…

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3 Ways to Deal with Disappointment

I’m not going to lie…as a University of Michigan alum and raving Go Blue fan, I’m devastated by the loss on Monday night. The last time Michigan won the National Championship was in 1989, and I devoutly have them wining…

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Boost Your Confidence with a Brag Book

As young girls, we’re taught that it’s not polite to brag. That lesson may have served us on the playground, but it does us an enormous disservice in the workplace and in a competitive job market. In fact, most women…

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10 Ways To Woman Up! On International Women’s Day

March is Women’s History Month and March 8th is International Women’s Day…a global day dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women throughout the world. It’s also a day that encourages action to accelerate gender parity.…

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Roses And Thorns

Roses and Thorns of 2017

Everyone has played “roses and thorns” or “highs and lows” (as it’s known in our family) at some point – either at the dinner table, after a vacation, or in the midst of a life transition. The rules are easy.…

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“Me Too”

By now everyone on the planet has heard about Harvey Weinstein and how he arrogantly, recklessly, and systematically sexually abused women in Hollywood for decades. By now you have also heard from countless women, Oscar winners, A-listers and others, who…

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