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3 Ways to Get Back to Work After the Election

Today is a new day and the political temperature is hotter than ever. Between social media, bumper stickers, political rallies, t-shirts, and outspoken opinions, it’s hard not to know who your co-worker, colleague, or clients support and why. Not only are more people involved and engaged in the national political debate, but this time it feels very personal.
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Leaving Comfort Zone

3 Ways to Bust Out of Your Comfort Zone

First of all, they don’t call it the “comfort zone” for nothing. And second of all, we all battle against the seductive lure of the comfort zone at some point. It’s called the comfort zone, because it’s comfortable, familiar, safe,…

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Ask Aimee – Mentor Matchmaking

None of my family or friends are surprised that I give sound advice for a living. For as long as I can remember, I have been described as the “voice of reason” and people have been asking me for answers…

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Not All Clients are Good for Business

Not only do I coach individuals looking to get ahead in their careers, but I also coach other coaches and consultants (formally and informally) looking to expand their businesses. The number one question I get is, “What is the secret…

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